Journal - Arkansas


November 2000 Rode on White Rock Mountain, just north of I-40 in Ozark National Forest near Bidville and Mountain Crest. Sign reads, "Watch your children, 6 have fallen to their deaths from these cliffs."

March 12, 2004 Eli and I were traveling thru Arkansas looking for a sign on a post office that was suitable for our documentation. We found one in Trumann. Mary Ellen stayed home, sick, so I didn't have a photographer. So I ask God to send me one. Just then a car pulled into mail something. I ask the man driving if he would take my picture on Eli and told him why. He said my daughter takes our pictures. She turned out to be 10 years old and on her way to school. She's in the 4th grade. I thought to myself "and a child shall lead them". The pictures turned out fine as you can see.