Journal - Idaho


August 2000 My brother Wayne and sister in law Lois Ann and I went to a Seven Day Adventist Church Camp, we stayed there the Sunday night after the Chief Joseph Trail Ride. Wayne and I rode in the mountains on the trails around the camp. The camp also has horses and is near Corur DíAlene, Idaho. The mountains are spectacular.

image Update: On our way to the 2004 Chief Joseph ride in Joseph Oregon, we (Eli and I) had our pictures taken in front of the Moscow post office by Maynard Fosberg, he also boarded Eli and I at his ranch. What a nice guy! Mr Fosberg was introduced to me by Steve Baxter, Project Manager/Lt.Const. for the University of Idaho. I didnít have a place to keep Eli for the night. I was talking to god about it and suddenly I saw the cattle and
horse corrals at the University. I have stayed at collegeís overnight, so I pulled in to see if I could find someone. It was getting dark. A suburban passed me going the other way and I yelled out, at first I didnít think anyone heard me, fortunately one of the ladies in Mr. Baxterís car did. They came back to see what I wanted. I explained what my need was and he said ďlet me see what I can doĒ and at that point he also said ďI want to help you if I canĒ. That simple phrase speaks volumes about the kind of person Mr. Baxter is. He could have just said ďIím sorry, I canít help you.Ē Instead he made a phone call and came over to my truck and said I have a place for Eli with a wonderful couple who used to be employed by the university and are now retired. They turned out to be Mr. & Mrs. Fosberg. I ended up staying 2 nights. Eli and I both needed the rest. We had traveled 2218 miles from Michigan to the eastern city limits of Moscow.

I enjoyed visiting the Appaloosa Museum where I met Sherry Caisley, the museum manager and her assistant Sue Jacobson. They were very friendly and helpful and made the visit to the museum even more enjoyable. Leila Summers, Daily News wrote a superb article on Eli and I. She is new at the press. With her ability to listen and interpret what she is hearing, I am sure she will have a long and successful career. Shari, the switchboard operator at the Appaloosa headquarters and Diane Rice, associate editor of the Appaloosa Journal both were kind enough to send copies of Ms Summers article. Ms Rice also wrote a terrific article entitled Sea to Shining Sea, which appeared in the Appaloosa Journal on Page 20 of the December issue. I have had the good fortune of being helped all over the United States and Canada. I guess Iím just one of those blessed people. Iíll always have a warm spot in my heart for the people in Moscow, Idaho.

Now as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. Mary Ellen and I purchased a new digital camera, just before I left on this trip, to make it easier to install the pictures on our website. I was not familiar with the camera and itís more complicated than the throw away cameraís I had been using. So I needed someone who is familiar with cameraís to take our pictures at the Moscow post office. It just so happens that Mr. Fosberg who is retired from the Agriculture Department of the University was an airforce photographer in WWII (bless his heart). Now whatís the oddís, donít tell me that Iím not getting special help. ďGo FigureĒ. And now you know the rest of the story.