Journal - Massachusetts


It was Saturday June 21, 2003. We were near Monterey. I remember thinking the name of the town had an exotic western sound to me for being so far east. It turns out some soldiers brought the name back when returning from one of the western wars. Monterey is a beautiful New England small town about 800 plus people. I wanted to ride on the ppalachian Trail that passes north and west of the town. The people said horses were not allowed on the trail so I opted to ride from Monterey to Tyingham about 6 to 7 miles. The road on the map looked straight it was anything but. One town was on one side of the mountain and the other town is on the other side. Apparently there was a dispute eons ago causing town folk in Tyingham to go over the mountain and establish the town of Monterey. In my travels this is not an uncommon story. The people in both towns were very warm and cordial toward Mary Ellen, Eli and I. Two in particular a mother and daughter were there when we took the pictures in Monterey. They mentioned they had a appaloosa horse that past away recently. Eli is a racking appaloosa. I think in some way seeing Eli gave them some comfort, hopefully triggering some pleasant memories of their own beloved horse. It reminds me of a letter a lady wrote to Rev. Billy Graham. In her letter she asked if there are animals in heaven? She went on to say, that she loved her little dog and if there aren’t animals in heaven she didn’t think it would be a very nice place to go. Billy Graham with his infinite wisdom answered her question this way. “The bible does not say specifically weather there are animals in heaven or not, but if it would be heaven for you to have your little dog, he will be there.” While I was riding along about a mile or so from Monterey the mother and daughter drove out to see how far we had gotten. They asked if I minded if they walked along with us next to Eli, I said we will enjoy your company. After a mile or so the mom went back to get the car and met us at the Tyingham post office. I always want to know about the places we visit. I enjoyed our conversation very much in this scenic place. The miles of stone fences, unique barns each with individual architecture, the winding roads, hills, mountains, all make it truly, New England. I loved it.

We also drove out along Cape Cod Bay, sand dunes (with snow fences to keep the sand off the highway). We saw and enjoyed the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean at Provincetown. We talked to a very nice young lady at the breakwater. Her father was from Michigan.