Journal - Oklahoma


December 2000 I went on a 3 day ride at the Wild Horse Trail Camp in the mountains near Honobia. That's where we met Ruth Venable from Kentucky. Ruth is one of those neat people that you meet on the trail. She has ridden everywhere and has a lot of great stories to share. She invited us to ride The Big South Fork in Tennessee with a group of here friends. What a pleasant weekend. We also met Bob Swick for the second time. He is chief scout on the Chief Joseph Ride. Bob has many anecdotes about the Chief Joseph trail ride that will keep you in stitches on those chilly nights around the campfire. Especially one about a mare, someone loaned him to take on the Chief Joseph Ride. Apparently she was somewhat less than half-broke. I had to wonder if the old boy who loaned the mare to Bob was hoping that he would finish her training before she finished Bob.

March 10, 2004 Because of what I'm doing, I got excited when I saw Broken Bow, that sounded like a good name to me. I had a lot of help from the police department and the ladies at the dentist office across from the post office.