Journal - West Virginia


April 2002 I rode on a rail to trail near North Bend State Park near Cairo. I plan to go back and ride the whole trail. It's 72 miles long. There are 6 tunnels, I rode through one, it is on a curve, so when you start at one end you can not see the other end. Kinda spooky! One of the tunnels reported to be haunted by a young woman in a white dress. Does anyone want to go on this ride with me? This ride has 3 neat things about it, in my opinion. One it's easy on the horses and I'm thinking March or April would be a good time. Second, as is typical of
W VA, it is mountainous. The cuts are very picturesque and you travel through some neat little towns along the way. Picture taken in 2003 at the Smithburg post office.